Monday, November 7, 2016

Tattered Angels Rocks!!

Hi all,

Today I'm featuring a really fun and quite quirky project featuring Tattered Angels paints and rocks!! Yes, rocks!

The idea was to use any rock (or rocks) and decorate with Tattered Angels paints! Once decorated and adorned, we were to leave our rocks in a public place ... as a gift for an unsuspecting soul! Isn't this a fun idea?

I gathered several of rocks various shapes from my yard and other local places and sprayed them with Valentine Pink Glimmer Mist. I tried to find rocks of different textures to see how the paint would adhere to both smooth and rough surfaces.

I also painted two of the rocks with white acrylic paint, and then sprayed them with the Valentine Pink to add a bit of contrast.

For a finishing touch, I then sprayed all of the rocks with Tattered Angels Vanilla Breeze Glimmer Mist to add a sparkling finish!

Once the paint was dried, I adhered white decorative trim around each rock. I then added snowflake embellishments to each rock.

I liked the way they gave off a vintage vibe, but knew we were supposed to place them outdoors! The pink and soft grey colors looked so great on my antique platter!!

So here they are, nestled in my garden among the ivy leaves and mulch. The pink rocks really stand out against the green and brown background -- so here's my idea. I walk throughout the neighborhood every day -- so my plan is to place one of these lovelies in a special spot -- something similar to the backdrop I've shown here!! 

I'm hoping each one will be found before we have a deep snowfall! :)

Thanks for stopping by today!



  1. Love these and the idea. What a lovely surprise for some very lucky people xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Brenda. It was a fun project to work on!!