Sunday, April 5, 2015

Mini Journals for Spring

I'm a big fan of notebooks and journals. I started keeping a diary as a young girl and moved on to journaling in my teens and 20s.

Nowadays, I keep a book journal, one for financial plans and one for creative ideas.

Plus, I tote a mini journal in my purse -- to jot down my to-do lists, home improvement ideas, shopping needs, book recommendations and any other number of things that might pop up during the day. It's so handy!

I feature a variety of of mini journals in my etsy shop such as this one done in a soft floral color:

Here's one for garden planning:

Something a bit whimsical:

Or one for inspiration:

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Thanks so much for stopping by today.



  1. These are all so pretty! I love them and I'm feeling inspired to make some myself. ;-)

  2. Very pretty! I do need to keep one in my purse....always finding ideas and things to write down!

  3. I love journals! Great ideas here and thanks for sharing with the Thursday Blog Hop!